A truthful review about Call of Duty Ghosts, (focusing on Gameplay and Multiplayer)

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: Ghosts (Hardened Edition) PS4

The long awaited new COD Ghosts brings us a completely new story, brand new multiplayer elements, a new squads mode, and the unexpected alien mode called Extinction. In my opinion, MW3 was the best COD ever made. Does Ghosts take the crown?... This is my review, my honest review... on Call of Duty Ghosts, PS4 edition.

First let's start with the gameplay. Call of Duty has always been known for faced paced FPS action. Ghosts does not disappoint and with the new added features, such as sliding and leaning, it doesn't ruin the game one bit. Sliding is way better than Black Ops' dolphin diving. It feels very fast and can be used in many tactical ways. The new lean, in my opinion, is very useless in this game. One thing I don't know though is did Ghosts copy Battlefield's 4 lean or did Battlefield 4 copy Ghosts' lean. Either way, it's very useless and I find myself never using it for any situation. However, even though this feature is useless, doesn't mean it ruins the gameplay. It's a features that the player can optionally use, and for very rare cases, you can use the lean tactically. Besides these new features, Ghosts still feels fast paced just like previous COD games. Another thing you might notice about the gameplay is that you can kill enemies extremely fast in this game. Not only can you kill enemies in the campaign very easily but you can in the multiplayer as well. This is probably the biggest game ruining moment for anyone who have played Ghosts and is mainly the reason why they quit playing it. In my opinion though, dying in 2 or 3 shots make Ghosts very realistic. And if people say that battlefield is realistic, just see how many shots it takes in the head to kill someone in that game.... Anyways, dying fast in Ghosts can be a pain at times, but it really does make sense that they added this in the game. The shots normally take 3 shots to kill in almost every COD game to date. What they've done in Ghosts is that the 3 hit marker kill range is extended dramatically which is why you're able to kill so fast. Overall, the gameplay is amazing in my opinion but they should still decrease the 3 shot kill range so that noobs can't kill me so easily...

Moving onto the multiplayer, many things have changed in Ghosts. It's actually very confusing to explain so I'll keep it simple. You start the game with 1 out of 10 soldiers. That 1 soldier has 3 out of 6 classes unlocked. The more you level up and complete operations, (challenges) , you get squad points. Squad points are used like Unlock Tokens in Black Ops 2. You can use squad point for anything in the game; weapons, attachments, perks, equipment, etc. You no longer have to level up to unlock weapons. All of them are unlocked at the beginning of the game with different squad point values. Some can cost 3 squad points or 10 depending on the weapon you want to unlock. Perks, however, work in a different way. You can either wait until you reach the required level to unlock the perk or you can spend squad points on a perk to unlock it before you reach that level. This shows extreme creativity with Ghosts and I love what they've done to the multiplayer. Unlocking any weapon you want without leveling up is great. One of the things I don't like in the multiplayer is the new replacement for titles and emblems from MW2 and MW3. Now you have a background for your soldier instead of a title, and you get a patch instead of an emblem. Patches look really horrible and not creative at all. There's not really a point in going for these backgrounds and patches since there not that awesome as the emblems in MW2 and MW3 were. For example, the spinning 10th prestige skull in MW2. Another huge flaw in the multiplayer are the maps. The maps are so horrible that I consider them the worst maps that I've played. There are about 6 exceptions but the rest really suck. The maps are mostly really big and confusing and the chances of someone killing you from the back is really high. This is another big reason why people gave up on Ghosts. Hopefully we will get some small maps from the DLC's. Anyways, the multiplayer is great in this game and everyone who gave up on it should give it a second chance.

The second part of multiplayer is the Squads mode which you can also play to level up your soldier. There are different game modes, but I haven't got to play them. There is one where you have to fight off waves of enemies like in MW3's survival mode. They've added many different elements into it, but I haven't got to play enough of it to know how it works exactly. Squads is a great new game mode that everyone should have fun playing it with their friends.

Another mode that's brand new in this game is Extinction. Which I haven't got to play much but from what i tried, it's very confusing. It is something that you can enjoy with your friends though.

Now let's quickly talk about the graphics. COD was never know for it's amazing graphics, but on the PS4 you can really tell that they did an incredible job making the game look nicer than ever. But if anybody wanted to know, Battlefield 4 in my opinion is a better looking game.

The story mode is good in Ghosts. Still not as amazing as MW3's story but it is decent. I haven't got to play much of the story to really say if it's good or not but the missions are fun to play and are always dramatic. The first mission however is probably the worst thing I've played in the COD series. Either way, Infinity Ward always made great story games and hopefully Ghosts will end in a bang just like the Modern Warfare series have.

Well there's my full and honest review of Call of Duty Ghosts. I am a COD fan, but I do take reviews seriously and I don't overlook the flaws. Call of Duty should never receive a 10 out of 10 in my opinion. Every game they've released at least had one big problem. COD 4's annoying last stand perk, or MW2's noob tubes, or MW3's horrible spawns, Ghosts will obviously add to these problems with it's horrible maps. Don't listen to the haters that played Ghosts for 2 days and quit, and don't listen to COD fan boys who are so dedicated to COD that they would rate it 10 out of 10 instantly. Take my advice and try out Ghosts. Hopefully it won't disappoint you because it certainly didn't disappoint me.

I give Call of Duty Ghosts a 9/10