[XB1] New Clan Pressure The Hinges is Recruiting

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Pressure The Hinges gaming was established in September of 2014 by myself. I wanted to create a Call of Duty gaming community where players of all skill levels could call home and meet and join players of all skill levels to team up with and have fun.

The goal of PTH Gaming is not to merely have the clan with the most members but to create a family. A place where Call of Duty gamers can call home. Someplace where they can interact with members and most importantly friends. A place where both casual and competitive gamers can find a place to most importantly have fun while remaining competitive.

PTH Gaming puts a lot of focus on clan activities to help bond our players and get back to that core of having fun while playing Call of Duty. With that in mind we maintain a stand point where every member has a voice and a say in the direction that this clan goes and EVERY member is involved in major decisions regarding PTH Gaming. We want a community that people feel they are a part of. Not just a number.

For those that want more of an involved role in the clan, we do have a ranking structure for those who want to help this clan thrive, grow and achieve our vision of becoming a top household name when it comes to Call of Duty gaming. Here at Pressure The Hinges Gaming we take a lot of pride in what we are trying to create, how we operate and the respect and level of involvement we give our members. After all we understand that our members and their enjoyment here is the most important thing of all.

So if you're interested in becoming a part of this brand new and up and coming clan head over to the site and register and fill out an application. I’m looking forward to gaming with you soon!!


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Pressure the Hinges Gaming