What weapons would you like to see come back?

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#1 Posted by djangoungained (25 posts) -
Looks like the TAR is back and the UMP are back judging from the sceenshots: http://call-of-duty-ghosts.blogspot.com/p/weapons.html Kind of sick of seeing the M4A1 :/ But I would like the FAMAS from MW2 back.
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#2 Posted by Hiddai (6110 posts) -
Yeah i really liked the TAR i hope they will add the micro version also because no one use the regular version anymore
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#3 Posted by BryanPan25 (53 posts) -
i need to add that to my airsoft loadout when i play. especially the ump http://www.airsplat.com/items/ERM-DE-M89-UMP.htm