Save Call of Duty Dog!

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Hello, I'm here to speak for one who doesn't have the ability to speak for himself. Recently, we were all introduced to Call of Duty Dog. In the past few days, he has taken the internet by storm as one of the greatest moments in the Xbox One reveal. I, like many others, immediately came to the likely conclusion that Call of Duty Dog will be killed in a scripted cutscene at some point in the game. I find this to be an atrocious crime against all fictional animal characters. A crime that has been perpetuated for centuries across all forms of media. I have started a petition asking Infinity Ward to not kill off Call of Duty Dog and every signature will count in this race against time to stop the needless execution of this four-legged fighter. I ask you as a fellow gamer, nay.... a fellow fictional animal rights activist to join me in this crusade. Together we can change Call of Duty Dog's future. Together we can save him! URL---> { }
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In my opinion, they should just let you play as the dog the entire way through. i.e. You get to pee and things and chase wildlife.