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Hello, I am RoG Tragic RV recruiting on behalf of Revolution of Gaming, or RoG. Revolution of Gaming is a gaming community created in 2008 that consists of various brigades for different games. Brigades are essentially the clans within the community of RoG. I am recruiting anyone interested in the Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts brigade: RoG Revenant!

I have personally been in Revolution of Gaming for four years. During this time, through dedication and hard work, I have worked my way to the highest rank in the community, coordinated the Event Staff, and met hundreds of people (many of which have became life-long friends). I enjoyed leading my own brigade so much that I have temporarily stepped down to create our very own Call of Duty: Ghosts division for the Xbox One, RoG Revenant. Now it's your turn to join amongst the fun!

Revolution of Gaming can offer the following:

- Both casual and competitive play

- Exciting weekly events

- A wonderful graphics team

- Media staff that covers Twitch, Youtube, and Podcasting

- Interaction with many phenomenal people

- A chance to hone your leadership abilities or even develop your skills in a military-like ranking structure

- Unbeatable and once-in-a-lifetime gaming experiences... don't miss out!

If this sounds like something you're down for, I'll walk you through the joining process!

1. Register at

2. Once registered, click on Applications (top of page, on the tabs) > 'Click here to join RoG Revenant' and fill out your application to join my brigade. Alternatively, you can just follow this link: (you must be registered for the link to work)

3. I'll accept your application, add you on Xbox LIVE and get in contact with you ASAP to play some Ghosts!

We do have some activity requirements. All we ask from you in return for wonderful experiences is that you log into our website at least once a week and attend the weekly brigade meetings (I will inform you of the days and times) as often as possible. It's not much to ask and shouldn't be too hard as I'm positive you'll enjoy the people you'll meet as well as the community itself!

So what are you waiting for? Head to and register with RoG Revenant today!

RoG Tragic RV

RoG Revenant Commander

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Successful game night tonight! Join in time for the next one! Let me know if you have any questions.