Legitimate reasons multiplayer just isnt fun anymore

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First off, let me start by saying I'm not whining about how I cant get kills or how broken the quick scope mechanics are (which they blatantly are). My problems with the game lies in the subtle issues that can be fixed with minor tweaks. First being the lag compensation, I can tell you how many times I've taken damage, clearly ran behind a wall, and still end up dying. I'm not talking about running behind a little wall, I'm talking about running behind a whole building. When I watch the killcam it shows me dying before I even move. How does that make since? Now I bring the attention to spawning, personally it feels like its orchestrated so people are automatically spawned behind the guy getting kills. But that being said I get that the maps are much bigger than previous entries but that doesn't mean enemies should be spawned behind your team as soon as they move slightly to the middle of the map. Now don't comment telling me to quit whining, or to get better cause it really wouldn't make since in this case, being a topic about legitimate reasons why the multiplayer is just bad.

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The funny this is that I have been "Unauthorized" to use the cod ghost forums, why? I believe that is because the only reason I went to the forum was to see if other people had similar problems and I can see that there have been posts in the past hour, but the moment I try to log in and post I am directed to an "Unauthorized" page. At first I thought that maybe I hadn't finished the sign up and checked it out, it says I'm 100% complete. So I had the thought that maybe the website was going through my cookies finding that I had visiting a forum with smearing their game and blocked me for. So I deleted all my cookies and what do you know I'm allowed on the forums, pretty fucked up right. If you have to go to the measures of blocking people who have complaints about your game maybe its not the posters maybe its your bunk ass game.