It Seems As If Most People are too Good at the Multi-player.

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Now before you say I suck, I truthfully went through the campaign on Veteran and died three times at the most. I just take my time, and keep in cover, and I did it all in about 7-8 hours.

However, when I get online, I'm constantly getting owned. I've put in probably about 35 hours into the online multi-player and I'm only at level 37. I can't seem to get in any kind of rhythm when it comes to getting kills. It seems like you die way too easily, like you have less health that you do on Veteran mode. I find myself getting spawn killed a lot as well. I finally kill someone, then I'm immediately shot afterwards.

This is the first Call of Duty I've played since the original Black Ops, and I used to be really good at it. I would usually come in first place every time. I've never been a camper and despise them, but I just absolutely suck at Ghost's online mode.

My theory is the Call of Duty franchise has practically been the same formula for the past nine years, and people have just gotten so used to the same game, it's as if they know it by heart, and exactly what to do.

I was just curious if anyone else feels the same way I do. It's just really frustrating, that their isn't many good PS4 games out right now. I already have 100% completion in AC: IV, and I beat Killzone, online was okay, Battlefield I've always sucked at, and always will. lol I just really wish I could enjoy the online multi-player, but everyone is just too friggin' good.

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Depends on if you have a life or not, some people have way too much time to get godly at this game. I dont really play cod anymore I bought this on steam because it was half off, but not impressed by the visuals or anything and I'm on the highest setting you can go.

I'm just gonna play titanfall that game looks way more fun and balanced.