ClanSoLow Recruiting (platinum + level 22 clan)

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Hi All!

ClanSoLow is a multinational xbox360 cod clan and we have decided to start recruiting again!

We are a level 22 Cod ghosts clan but this is our second in-game clan as we decided to star back to level one a few months ago.

Our clan is currently in the platinum division but only need 1 more win to get invited into the diamond division.

We currently have around 20 members but we are looking for more fresh and talented players. We also have an amazing community. The members are extremely friendly and we do not discriminate, we will welcome you in as family because we are all one big family. We also have a chat-box on our website that allows you to chat with our members and make amazing friends :)

We have no restrictions yet on the recruitment so any KD and WL is accepted. We also recruit people at any age and from any Country. (A kd around 1 will increase your chances!)

There are some rules but these will not affect the recruitment process. To join the clan feel free to visit

Please make sure to read the rules first and you answer all of the questions asked during the recruitment process as this will increase your chance of being allowed in. Thanks for reading this post.