Great game as a whole but the campaign lacked in many places. On the plus side the Multi-player customization is a score

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: Black Ops X360
A very enjoyable game but probably one of the worst in the call of duty series. This is why:

-Many Frustrating levels with what seems like almost too much action which makes it very overstimulating. On the plus side there are many levels that are just amazing and well thought out.

-Graphics aren't as good as MW2 but are pretty sharp.

-The Multi-player is where you'll be spending most of your time because it provides so much for you. One of the best parts is the Combat training which adds some substance. You will never get bored with the Multi-player. Not many problems with it.

Overall a decent game that has many fun portions but also some annoying parts in the campaign. The Multi-player is almost or even as good as MW2's. Treyarch did a good job on making new additions and corrections to the COD series. I give it between and 8 and 9.