Back to the Front!

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3
So, I was one of the "Christmas noobs" who found Black Ops under the tree this year. To be clear, I had actually already spent a significant amount of time playing the Wii version of the game, and I mostly knew what to expect. The Wii controls didn't quite do it for me, however, and I wanted all the "perks" that come along with the HD versions of the game.

Even before getting the PS3 version of Black Ops, I had been paying close attention to the community, and man, things were sounding pretty glum for PS3 fans. All sorts of issues seemed to be plaguing the game on PS3, and I was beginning to doubt my judgment asking for the game as a gift.

To be sure, the game still isn't perfect. Some folks complain about lower-res textures and framerate issues when compared to the 360 version of the game, but I haven't really noticed any problems in those areas. The main things stumping me so far are lag and an infinite-loading issue. Whenever I'm host, the game lags terribly, which makes little sense, since I have a really good connection -- both upload and download speeds on the system itself. Additionally, multiplayer maps will often load and never stop loading, forcing me to restart my system. This is my biggest concern, actually, since I'm not sure what effect that might have my HDD.

All that being said, the game is still tremendously fun. I could live without all the "dudebro" that accompanies online competitive play, but the multiplayer is full of value, nonetheless. There are a ton of great game modes, options, and customization features; the theater mode, though still in need of work, is an inspired addition; and the leveling system and perk/weapon variety mean this game will give you more bang for your buck than pretty much anything else out on the market.

I've put in over 30 hours with this version of the game alone, and I haven't even touched the zombie and single-player modes, not to mention the plethora of hidden content. There's tons of crap crammed into this package, and I feel like I've already (mostly) gotten my money's worth.

And yet, it's still disappointing that the PS3 version has had so many issues since release. You could say Treyarch deserve credit for trying to remedy the problems, but at the same token, the game probably should have never left the studio is such disrepair. There's a lot to love about Black Ops, but there's also plenty to be disappointed with. It's a great game, yet its tremendous potential is hampered on PS3 by poor customization and seemingly slack quality control. My score is based solely on the fun I'm having with the game, but beware of the impact Black Ops may have on your system.