The fix is in (PC version only)

User Rating: 5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops PC
In case you were wondering if buying lots of advertising on a site can get your game a 9/10 even if it is so buggy it renders single and multiplayer so laggy it ruins the experience or makes it unplayable wonder no more. Check the Steam forums for the hundreds of posts complaining about the lag in both single player and multiplayer. This game was not ready to be released but they released it anyhow... and somehow the reviewers didn't mention any of the issues and gave it a 9/10 ... fascinating. Well not really fascinating, review scores can't be trusted when the company releasing the game buys tons of advertising on the review site.

Also what is with the new trend of releasing what in the past would be an expansion/map pack for an existing game and calling it new and slapping a $60 price tag on it?