Great story, multiplayer, Zombies and everything!

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3

Call of Duty Blacks is the best Call of Duty I have and every will play. It was what kicked of the Black Ops series, introduced tons of characters, and weapons. The game was a huge step forward in the Call of Duty Franchise and changed Call of Duty forever. One thing it was known well for was how much it evolved the zombies mode. While World At War had some fine zombie maps, Black ops made much bigger, more detailed and overall wonderful zombie maps. It also introduced the multiplayer map "Nuke Town" and it instantly became a fan favorite map. The campaign was just plain out amazing! Great story, missions, characters and guns. You named it, it had it. If you want my final answer then here it is. I demand you to give Black Ops a shot!