Too short campaign & nothing new to offer.

User Rating: 5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops PC

Call of Duty, Black ops is an average and dull perspective on war time shooters and this time the conspiracy goes global as you fan out across the globe to catch the mastermind of a chaotic plot.

Mostly you run and gun with an arsenal of weapons that feel immensely powerful. The story line is greatly scripted and well explained. The narrations are powerful and emotions are beautifully captured as you go across an almost cliched story.

Yet various missions with varied weapons including remotely operated drones, tank and air battles leave you satisfied in what is generally a run and gun in beautiful environments.

Graphically the game is top notch but you always get that feeling that its the same thing you do all game, run and gun and move to next level. You can breeze through the campaign in over easy 8 to 9 hours.