Best ever call of duty made for the wii.

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops WII
When call of duty black ops was confirmed to have a port for the wii, people looked back at the previous call of dutys released for the wii. COD3-no multiplayer, world at war-only team death match and free for all and lag, COD reflex-plagued by lag and hackers.
See, doesn't give much hope. People thought that black ops would be another stripped down port. Boy, were they wrong. Black ops is the best COD released for the wii and Treyarch has managed to get almost everything over to the wii.

+brilliant, intriguing story full of twists and turns
+great character development

-not quite polished enough, some cutscenes have the audio going faster than the video and in rare places, some dialogues are skipped altogether.

+excellent graphics for the wii
+excellent use of light and particle effects

-some jagged edges

+Terrific voice acting by Gary Oldman, Sam Worthington etc
+guns sound great
+appropriate music for full out firefights and stealth

+Fabulous controls
+Overwhelming level of customisation.
+Classic controller and classic controller pro compatibility included for those who prefer dual analogs over motion controls

+all multiplayer maps present
+no lag shooting required, big step forward for the wii
+game can be patched, and has received half a dozen already
+great map creation.
+zombies is a blast to play, both solo and online

-A few missing kill streaks
-only one zombies map
-weapons are not as customisable as other versions

This is a great game and arguably the best first person shooter made for the wii. However, this score comes with a disclaimer, since the game is technically extremely high level for the wii, there are reports of the wii disc drive being overworked to the point of breaking. However this has ceased after one of the patches. Other than that, there are very few faults you will find with this game.