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I use the AK47 with red dot scope. Secondary:crossbow. Frag, Nova gas, Claymore. Tiers are Ghost, Sleight of hand pro and Ninja. I know the iron sights on th AK are supposed to be great but i cant get used to them. I can use the ones on the 74u fine. Almost have ghost pro just need to take out a sentry gun. Need a multikill with a grenade for warlord pro too. I have second chance pro but dont use it often. It keeps u alive 4 awhile so u can get revived and ive taken out 4 people, with a python, while laying there before. I only use it in nuketown tho. Im not very good but since i got my AK47 i am getting way better. Any tips, comments, or things i should try, to improve my setup will be appreciated.