Misifit Actual Zombies Squad Now Open and Recruiting

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Tired of going down in your zombies matches because of randoms with no MICS? Well the Misfit Actual's Hell's Janitors Zombie squad is for you! Want to play the new grief mode on competitive ladders? Looking for a clan/community to game with? Then.... Misfit Actual is an online gaming community devoted to several different gaming platforms. Misfit Actual (MxA) was created to provide a place for mature, friendly, and dedicated gamers to connect and share their passion for gaming. MxA is here to provide an environment in which like-minded gamers can come and share their ideas on teamwork, tactics and structure. To implement and foster community camaraderie, MxA operates on a military type ranking structure, which helps establish a solid community foundation. While MxA does operate on a military type ranking structure we do not take ourselves too serious, we believe ultimately in having fun and that is why we are here. Our hope is for MxA to be a place for you to join and be able to feel as though, when gaming, you are part of a "community" and not just an empty gaming community. So if you are looking for a place to game where you are respected, have advancement opportunities, and enjoy a team atmosphere then MxA is waiting for you. Please check out our website! *All skill levels are welcomed at MxA as we have several different squad types. *MxA welcomes all gamers over the age of 16 years old. Website: www.misfitactual.com