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Ok, so from what I have read online this isnt a new issue so I am very sorry to those that have come across this alot! I recently brought Black Ops for the PS3 I live in NZ and my connection is frustratingly bad but only on Black Ops all I get is 1 bar very occasionally I get 2 and even rarer 3. My main issue however, is that when I am trying to join lobbies I seem to just get put into games on my own which no one joins. I have MW3 and dont have a problem of course, I have the odd game in which I get bad single but I simply leave join another and im good again. after doing some searchs I have made come changes such as changing the NAT to open (its was on moderate) changed the DMZ Host with the Ps3 and changed the search setting at Locale even turning off my iphone! None of which have made much of a difference if any. Connection is definitly not a problem I live in central auckland and have at least a 6mbps connection at all times. any suggestions can anyone help? or is that me and black ops finished. I much prefer it to MW3 and all my mates from back home(UK) have black ops. Thanks in advance!