What CoD game would you recommend for a FPS newbie?

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Hello I'm pretty new to the Call of Duty franchise and FPS games in general. However, I have some experience with FPS games as my step-brother and step-father are big Halo, CoD, and GoW fans and I occasionally watched and played with them but I've never really owned a Call of Duty game of my own. Lately I've been trying to branch out into the FPS market and am currently playing through my Halo MC:Collection that I received as a gift last year and am also thinking about picking up Destiny TTK if I end up liking Halo. Anyway, I've also been looking into Call of Duty Black Ops 3 since I heard Black Ops 2 was really good and since I won some digital content for the game with Carl Jr's/Hardee's recent BO3 promotion contest. In addition, I feel like need to get some new games for my consoles as I haven't been playing any games on them lately, but before I invest in BO3, I wanted to at least try some of the older games to see if I'll like the franchise. Since Black Friday is just around the corner, many online and retail stores around me are having sales for old video games so I thought this would be the perfect time to dive into the Call of Duty franchise.

I currently have a PS3 (backwards compatible with 750 GB), Xbox 360 Slim (250 GB), Xbox One (500 GB Kinectless), PS4 (500GB), and a Dell Precision M6500 Laptop with a Steam account.

My Laptop specs:

Operating System - Windows 10

Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q720 @ 1.60GHz 1.60GHz

RAM - 4.00 GB

System Type - 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

Hardrives - C-Drive (57.8 GB free of 83.2 GB), D-Drive (152 GB free of 238 GB), E-Drive (227 GB free of 227 GB)

So I guess my questions for now are:

1) What specific CoD game would you guys and gals recommend for me as a FPS/CoD newbie? I was thinking about starting out with CoD MW1-3 and CoD BO1-2 and then later moving on to Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, and BO3 on current gen consoles once the prices go down unless you have any better suggestions for a newbie like me?

2) Based on the systems that I have, which version of each CoD game would be the best for me to buy in terms of graphics and performance?

3) If I were to find a good deal for a used CoD game on last gen, would it be better for me to choose the PS3 version over the 360 version considering the fact that the PS3 blu ray discs are more damage resistant?

4) Are the Xbox Live servers really better than the PSN servers when it comes to CoD games in terms of lag and stability?

5) Are the online servers for last gen CoD games still up and running?

6) Is there a specific order suggested to playing the CoD games in terms of story?

7) For now I'm planning on only looking for the standard/cheapest editions of the older games but just out of curiosity are the special editions and DLC of the older games worth looking into considering their cost-to-age ratio or would it just be better to save that extra money for the newer games?

8) Are the CoD handheld games worth looking at?

9) What do you guys and gals consider to be the best Cod games in terms of your overall experiences?

Thank you for your time (btw, I just found out that my little brother has Cod 2 and BO2 for the 360, so for now I can borrow those games from him to see how I like them or not) ^_^.