My first CallofDuty game I have ever owned. Does it live up to the hype or die in the criticism?

User Rating: 6.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3
This is my first CallofDuty game I have ever played. Even though hearing all the harsh criticism, I gave the series a try. Yes I have played the games before with my friends; however, I have never owned a CoD game until now. My favorite part of this game is the Campaign or Multiplayer, I can't decide, as for zombies....well.

The game in general has solid graphics and gameplay. The graphics are done well but I don't think they live up to how some people told me they were. The gameplay is very good, shooting and running works fine. However, the big problem I have is headshots. When you don't aim, headshots seem to be absoutlely random. That is a flaw to me because it happens so often.

The Campaign follows David Mason, Alex Manson, David Woods, and more characters. The game takes place in the mid-1980s and 2025. I must say, the way they transitioned in between different time periods was done very well. Now some of the missions were fun, while others were okay. I feel like the main characters were done very well, Menendez was a great villain. However, the story was presented in a misleading way. Menendez wanted to get revenge on Woods, Menendez gets involved with the Masons and their men. But then David has to go stop Menendez and shows some revenge for David to achieve. However, I believe the revenge was more built up for Woods. It was more of a Woods vs Menendez revenge to me. David just gets involved because of Woods's actions. But besides that. I really liked the story. Sure, some plot twists weren't that shocking or interesting but the story overall was well done to me. Now the locations I really enjoyed, they were all varied. A decision-choosing system was put into this game. This was always done well. But it isn't like a good or bad decision you have to make. It's like if you catch the guy running away or not, if you avoid fire while driving or not, etc. Still done well. Future weapons and past weapons were not much better from the other, it basically was the same thing.

Spec Ops was not fit for the Campaign. I will give credit, they tried something new! But I found it very confusing. They gave a good tutorial, but on the contrast I was not able to comprehend how to play this. This game mode was a fail, but at least it was optional.

Multiplayer is mixed. It had all the gamemodes the fans love plus some new ones. Many of these are really fun. However, some of them are essentially the same thing. The loadout selection I really liked. It follows a 10-point system. You cannot go over 10 points so if you use a powerful perk, you'll need to make some room. Maps are well-done except a few and it is a fun gamemode to play and I see why it is addictive.

Zombies in this game. I hate it. I'm sorry. Now I am only talking about the maps they give you during the game, no dlc. Tranzit. I hate it. The bus seems like a cool idea but I think the zombies mode has to be in small places. You want to feel like you are in utter helplessness. But Tranzit you can just run on the bus and drive away! It is so boring, zombies come in way too fast after rounds now, it just isn't for me. I LOVED the first black ops zzomibes, I played it a lot with my friends. This one to me is unbearable. The survival mode on Bus Depot, Town, and Farm are not as nearly as good as old maps. I like Bus Depot, yes its small and you will die very quick but its just fun to see how long you last with skill. Town is a mess. Whoever programed that fire all over the play is insane. Farm is average at best. And alright I guess? Not really that fun.

+Excellent Presentation: graphics, music, characters, etc.
+ Story is well done with a good villain in Menendez
+ Guns are varied and fun to toy around with and experiment.
+Multiplayer is varied, fun, and most of all addictive
+Multiplayer loadout system is done really well.

+/- Morality system varied from good to bad, depending on the choice.

-Spec ops wasn't just fit for these games
-Multiplayer sometimes feels like every other game in the series
-Zombies was terrible. Did not like it one bit.