It's all right, its just that the campaign isn't at all long and it needs a bit more work done to it.

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II X360
The campaign is quite alright. All the weapons are fantastic and are well made-up since it this takes place in 2025. I can't wait for Call of Duty: Ghosts, since I heard it was amazing. The game-play is alright and the campaign does need more levels. The graphics are a little better, but I would give it a ten anyways. This game is actually my first rated M game that I ever played on the Xbox 360, and my second rated M game that I own, so I wasn't at all sure if it was good when I got it. But anyways, this game is really good and I would highly recommend this game to anyone who hears me. All I think about this game is how to pass the game mode Zombies. It is quite creepy and needs a little help trying to get used to, but the main problem is the difficulty that it sets and how little weapons and amo you have against all the zombies that surround you. This is so difficult the farthest I went in Tranzit is at the bridge that goes all of a sudden down that it makes it hard to shoot the zombies, and I am an expert at shooting games! So, Zombie mode needs a little adjustments, but is anyways fine. As I said before, I would highly recommend this game to anyone, even to girls!