COD is back with a sequel to outstanding Black Ops,introducing a few new things while continuing d Mason Saga!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3
Black Ops II begins where Black Ops left,at least for some time,u get that feeling,but soon everything changes,n u get to know that although u star as Mason again,but it's Jason Mason aka Section,the son of revolutionary Alex Mason(d protagonist of previous game) who's referred to Mason now.So where's Alex gone,well u have to go through the campaign for that,although there is a familiar face-Woods,who will help u uncover the truth! Another excellent story,new weapons n gadgets,pretty impressive multiplayer n an over the head Strike Force Mode,+ customization options b4 every mission + some difficult choices that have some impact on the story form the backbone of this game which has been widely criticized as "milking".
Combat is a bit shallow though,the game pretty easy as well as short campaign impede it.
Although d graphics r good as is the environment,but the restrictions don't help the cause.
The characters are pretty strong though(esp. Woods n Raul Menendez)

Story-Pretty Strong,as other games in COD saga.U play 2 sets of missions-one during 1985-1989(flashback) n the other in 2025(current situation).
Flashback:It tells about the uprising of a new terrorist leader-Menendez,,the Mason-Woods-Mason relations n the events that took place after Black Ops ended!
Current:It uncovers the plans of Menendez,the revenge he plans n how Jr. Mason(Section) uncovers it!
Story gets a bit modified(not a lot) depending on the actions the player chooses under certain conditions(a new add on).

Characters-Woods is awesome,his expressions,his way of telling things,and even his bada** character in the past r enjoyable.
Raul Menendez steals the show,u first feel sympathy for him(as he lost almost evry1 close to him,n d US had a hand in all killings),n then think that's it's his right to seek revenge,until one of d missions,where u really want to kill him.In any case he's a very powerful character,n unlike previous COD versions,u can play as him during certain events(another new add on)
Section is ok,though he doesn't impresses as the above 2
Alex Mason is a lost case,he wasn't d exact Mason as in the previous game(pretty sad 4 that,i loved that hallucinating guy).
Other characters aren't that strong though(like Harper,Salazar or Hanif).

Weapons n Gadgets-Superb creations n differentiations,i also noticed that the old guns(used in flashback) weren't as strong as the new ones(2025) cause the new weapons needed 1 or 2 hits to kill anyone while old ones required 5-6 hits.EMPs instead of throwing grenades,use of Nano technologies to stick around mountains,use of IR n penetrating rifles are all fun.
Pick-ups offered cool stuff(from animal traps n heavy armors to Invisible suits n Shock Punches to Hacking security cameras n calling air-strikes) n really eased the game.

Combat-Similar to other COD games,but it's a simple FPS,not a tactical shooter,so i was ok with it!

Multiplayer-Looks good(though i didn't try it a lot myself)

Strike Missions-A new concept,yet i felt a bit irritated while playing d only one i played!

Game Lagged in-
1)Length,it was a lot shorter than other COD games,though the individual missions were longer,but still didn't make huge impact on the length.
2)Difficulty,too easy game,even on hard difficulty.
3)Save problems,unlike previous CODs that get saved at every check-point automatically n u can resume the game from the last check-point after u turn off ur PS3 n start it again next day,in this one,u have to begin the whole mission again or at a certain point(where the game saves itself within the mission).It really frustrated me,took my 1-1.5 hrs more.
P.S.-Ofcourse when u die during a mission,u start from the last check-point,but if u have to emergency shut down ur system,the mission would have to b started again.

Overall-COD:Black Ops II was a wonderful experience cause i love it's milking problem(i'll love to play 2 COD's a year).If u r a fan of the series u must go for it.If u look for story in a game,go for it.If u had enough of COD n r fed up of it(like some GS users) ignore it....
Happy gaming!!!!!!!