While innovative, Black Ops II implements many things into the multiplayer that can ruin the game for some.

User Rating: 6 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II X360
Black Ops II is one of the most innovative COD game in the series. The campaign now forces you to make difficult choices in order to get the best conclusion to the story. The villain is the best in the series as you can understand (to a point) why he does what he does.

Zombies mode is back and with four new characters. Although it is one of my favorite things in the game I will admit that it is not as fun or addicting and its was in the original black ops.

The multiplayer is by far the most popular thing in black ops 2 and at times is the most disappointing. The game implements the new "pick ten" system which let's you choose ten thing you want in you class. This unfortunately includes the target finder which points out enemies in red demands as long as you can see the person. This show people enemies that they would normally miss. The maps also are not diverse enough. They consist of tiny to medium sized maps. The big ones are to cluttered to allow for sniping to be practical. This leads to very fast paced action that can be a thrill. But often for new players they aren't used to this and start to camp. Which can burn people out very quickly.