Nuketown Zombies is a must own for fans.

User Rating: 7 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Nuketown Zombies (w/ Season Pass) X360

To be quite honest, I was expecting "Nuketown Zombies" to be a very basic and small map. Something similar to "Nazi Zombies" which was featured in "Call of Duty: World at War" as a bonus mini-game. But much to my surprise, it is a medium-sized map (a slightly altered version of "Nuketown") complete with the Pack-A-Punch and Perk Machines, both which have become the series' trademark staples. However, there are no traps or accessory building in "Nuketown Zombies". And you can't build up windows or barriers. But "Nuketown" is interesting because the Perk Machines and Pack-a-Punch randomly appear in different sections in the map as you progress through the waves. This element adds a bit of unpredictability and uniqueness to the familiar formula. The map does feature numerous weapons scattered throughout, but unfortunately there are no exclusive weapons. And there is no story featured in this installment of the series. But at only five bucks, it certainly is a zombies map well worth owning.