Great story, but the game play could have been much better.

User Rating: 7 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PC

Deep story is what they have gone for. Almost feels like a movie, the cut scenes are long before the start of a mission and they beautifully move forward the story so you don't just feel like a maniac shooting everything through. However, graphically the game is a bit of a disappointment. Facial expressions are non existent and the here and there you can feel the average quality of graphics. Sometime I walk into a room and see an enemy appear out of thin air. Maybe I got too fast into the room than the game expected.

The game is good at the shooting part. Beautiful action sequences are panned out and it just is a great thrill to walk into a room with a machine gun in hand and fire non stop till all of them drop. The AI is very average. When I threw grenades they just stood there and kept shooting rather than scurry for cover. The level design i felt was exceptional and the level in Afghanistan requiring the use of horses was too good. The story line of the game pushes you to explore further. Deep down when it comes to the basics it is still the same old shooting game and running through different scenarios. However its a good game and the villain of the game takes away the price for superbly portrayed character. Voice acting is solid and flawless.

In the end its a call of duty game, so expect the campaign to be over in less than 10 hours including the 5 strike missions.