Yet another great CoD game!

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II X360

Treyarch has done it again with this one! With a storyline that follows a more futuristic sequel of its predecessor, the story is centered around many, but mainly David Mason, Alex Mason's son. I will leave you to play the story, but suffice to say they give you many new gadgets in the story mode, including the option to customize your loadout in each part of the story.

Now, as for Multiplayer, there are many many new guns available. This game brought a little more balance than the old Black Ops, as there are more guns to choose from with a wider variety of counters. You can not only prestige in this game as in the old one, but you can also prestige your WEAPONS. That's right, and you can do it twice. It allows you to add your clan tag AND your emblem to your weapon for a little personalization, and also allows you to re-earn the attachments on that gun, thus earning more XP. The currency to buy EVERYTHING (except attachments) in multiplayer is Class Tokens. Most weapons, and all tactical, and lethals, as well as all of your perks and scorestreaks, cost 1 Class Token to unlock. You get 1 class token per level. One other thing, there are no "pro" perks in this game. All perks are as-is, though most of them are powerful by themselves. They also added a more expansive custom games lobby, where you can control things such as allowed weapons, attachments, and even whether custom classes themselves are allowed!

Personal ratings (_/10)
Playability: 10


Difficulty: Campaign: 4.5 Multiplayer: 6.5

Originality: 7

Graphics: 8.5

Overall rating: 9