Save your money

User Rating: 5.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3
Okay guys, so I know you are tempted to get this game if you haven't already. But if you have not yet bought it, don't waste your money.

I am huge fan of COD and have single title. But COD has gone from being my fav game to one of the game I should buy just because every one is buying it. I borrowed it from a friend and I have decided not to buy it this year. here are my reasons:

1 - The game is uninspiring, its pretty much the first black ops.
2 - The campaign mode is dull as the last few in the series.

If i am spending 60 dollars on a game, it has to worth my money. I regretted buying it last year. It's apparent that COD has invested tons of money in marketing rather than spending to R&D. It's the same game just with new maps. few months later they will resell the old maps to you. I mean, seriously guys, stop being so greedy. The campaign isn't all great compare to whats out there. The online mode use to be fun but its the same old sh*t now. Its apparent COD has stop trying.

I would only recommend buying this game if the was $15, don't buy into the hype save your money. your time and money is well spent on other great games out there