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User Rating: 6.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3
lol black ops 2 multiplayer sucks imo, but zombies are decent
the thing about zombies that i dont like is that team mates are as worthless as they were in black ops 1; they're of zero use to you and they do nothing but slow you down.

in tranzit, getting from place to place is annoying as hell; there's not enough time to turn the power on before the bus leaves having you to wait 5 minutes before it returns from its route.

the shotguns are more like sh!tguns; the pump action shotgun has very good range, however the crosshairs are too big, even with the lazer sight! if the crosshairs were another 40% smaller then it'd be a good weapon.
there's another shotgun in black ops 2, the ksg12, where it fires one pellet and this pellet is an instant kill in its range, but at a distance that single pellet does 75 damage. it's fun to use.

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[6:21:20 PM] Thomas: but i dont think mw4 or w/e is going to be making many sales dude lmfao
[6:21:59 PM] Thomas: i mean i had black ops 2 for a whole 30 hours so far, and normally id still be excited about the new call of duty, but that excitement died after the first day
[6:22:13 PM] Thomas: i hope they separate the zombies dlc from the multiplayer dlc..
[6:22:19 PM] Thomas: i dont want to be paying for dumb multiplayer maps
[6:22:29 PM] Thomas: oh and btw, the only good map in black ops 2 is nuketown 2025 LOL
[6:24:40 PM] Thomas: a lot of the mulitplayer maps have too many lame camp-flanking routes (if you run out in the open a head-glitching camper will see you no matter what and its impossible to see him because of all the tedious lines of sight you need to pay attention to)
[6:22:43 PM] Mason: lol

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