Reserve the 1 and 2s for games that deserve it, stop scoring games based on failed expectation and think logically

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II X360
Lets get one thing straight, this is Call of Duty, did people really think it would be that different? in my humble opnion, this is a better game than MW3, and by some way. so how Gamespot scores it less is beyond me, but there you go.

Graphics are improved over Black Ops 1 while the mutliplayer seems far better balanced than MW3, add in a gripping singleplayer Storyline, is this really the stuff that 1's and 2's are made of?

My preference is Battlefiel3, but this is probably the best in the COD line up since MW2, and unlike MW3, I wont be trading in after just 3 days.

Be realstic, see it for what it is, remove your unfounded expectation, play the game and rethink, im guessing a fair few on here would maybe score this a 7 or 8 if they remove the disappointment of un-met (unfair) expectation.

You know what you are buying before you open the box and place the disk in the machine.

And people are right, BF3 was a massive move forward for the series, sadly other users failed to notice (average 8.2%) and for those those who state that Halo 4 hails inovation, and there are a few ( I love Halo 4 by the way) then please expand on exactly where the inovation is? it looks heads and shoulders above others (with the possible exception of Reach, but still looks better), but other than Graphics, is there really a major difference? its core mechanics remain the same, and thats why it works.

Is this better than Halo 4 and BF3?, in my opnion No, is it a bad game? course it isnt, so be fair and score accordingly, reserve the 1 and 2s for games that really deserve it.