Why I love Scorestreaks

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Scorestreaks are, for me, the best thing about this game


Everything I do in a match adds to my scorestreak, from putting up a UAV, to shooting out an enemy claymore.


It gives tactical players a chance to pick up streak rewards, and encourages objective movements.


For example, if I kill two enemies, one en route to the flag (100p), 1 defending (125p), shoot a claymore/betty defending (25/50p), snag the flag (50p), kill someone with a claymore/betty on route back (200p for flag carry kill) then capture the flag (200p) that gives me 700ish points, which is a great start for a streak rewards (I use UAV, Care Package and Sentry gun)


A truly fantastic addition and one that'll keep me testing out new streak rewards time and time again, anyone agree/disagree?


Also the first person to comment 'its for noobs who cant get killstreaks' loses one internet



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i agree. 2x emp grenade is a must for me