Why do people continue to play the most garbage game out there?

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Call of duty black ops 2: BARF why? Im gonna have to blame it on the simple fact that it is so hyped, I dont get it. I love black ops 1 but when 2 came out BORING... Stupid hyped up game is all it is, overrated garbage. Anyone agree?

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I prestiged once and I ended up with an overall 1.9+ KD, its not that I sucked its that the game just freaking blows

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i liked black ops 2? i dont know mabye its just me. sure its the same thing over and over, but i dont mind to much. my only problem with black ops 2 is i dont like most of the maps (i think i only like 2 cant remember names)

then again my favorite cod was mw2, i never had a problem with the oma with tubes bearly ever saw anyone use it

all up i enjoy playing this game, maps could be better. i dont really see any over powerd guns in black 2 so i dont really see what everyone doesnt like about it. (if you say you cant play it cause of maps then sure i agree)

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I agree...COD Black Ops 2 is horse manure. Confusing and convoluted...makes no sense....hyperkinetic. A bunch of frantic action where the enemy is always a step ahead of you, which is patently dumb. Not to mention TOTALLY unrealistic. I hate it and am very sorry I wasted my money. MW2 and 3 are much, MUCH better. I played this for a few hours and realized how awful it was, and won't play it again.

Did you ever notice, COD has no place on it's website to contact them? No place to protest or make suggestions?

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Why mention or ask this question if you do not like it? And what answer do you want something to beef up how you feel.
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I used to be a big player, but i stopped once i got into airsoft. but i use guns from the games http://www.airsplat.com/documents.asp?Link=cod-black-ops
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There is just something about the speed of run and gun that attracts people. I do get tired from time to time playing COD. But, I also like playing from time to time. Black Ops 2 is by far the easiest of all COD games. I am the type of player that can only play when time allows. So, if I get 10 hours of play per week, I am doing well. I recently got a new PS3 and picked up Black Ops 2 with Nuketown and Revolution DLC for $40 bucks. After only about 4-5 hours of playing, I am already a level 17 on the multi player. When I played the XBOX version, it only took me like one month and a week or two to prestige once. That is terribly fast and easy for COD multi player. Regardless, I like playing here and there. But, I also get tired as well.