Whos Tryna Grow on Youtube and Make Some Black Ops 2 Parnters?

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wassup guys... i record black ops gameplays and many other content.. im looking for good members who can kick A$$ and help my channel grow with commentary and open lobbys dailey like have official members play with me... also if you guys have a channel ill be more than welcome with sendign u what i recorded through drop box with your game play for example if me and whom ever go ham.. n u want that video on your channel to show people u went in! ill send it to u because thats what im here trying to do.. so no im not tying to be selfish and only promote my channel i respect others so if we play together best beleive u can use my game play videos or illl record your matches and drop box em to you!! sub to my channel guys and lets make vids!!! www.youtube.com/radames41 www.youtube.com/przfynest7406