This game is turning into shotty snipers...

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They buffed the hell out of both, now everygame I see at least 2 people running around quickscoping and 2 people using shotguns.

either to troll or because they're scrubs.

Either way I find it making the game no fun.

I'm actually pretty good, I just find being QSed or killed constantly by shotguns to be annoying and frustrating.

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Quick Scoping is just obnoxious, and I always hated it. It always ruined the games yet people used to say the developers let it be because it was an intended technique. If thats true then its pretty sad this is the type of gameplay they want. However shotguns are legit weapons to use in my opinion.
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I have to say that I'm fed up with both. The other day I was behind a wall inside a room when I was dropped out of nowhere.On the killcam I saw a dude quickscoping me ,maybe my  foot could be seen poking out for a millisecond   and his crosshairs were nowhere near me but I still got dropped. As  for shotguns the are tottaly rodiculous , they seem like they  are precise as snipers , you get blasted half way accross the map and I seen dudes rackup 4 kills in a row with those things.


Weapons in this game are  unballanced as hell

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Qscoping is annoying as hell, and is a miss use of the sniper, but i feel like people are more pushed into doing so because the maps are so small in these new CODs. Old school sniping is gone
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That's true, I've tried regular sniping, don't know how to quickscope really, and it doesn't work well. People run up on you too fast or behind you like every 5 seconds. I don't see a problem with shotguns in this game, probably the most accurate representation of a real life weapon, you get shot with a shotgun 1-3 times 2-20 feet away, you're going down and will die pretty quickly even if you do manage to get to a hospital relatively fast more times than not. And, if you did survive you would be messed up the rest of your life.

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The shotguns are definitely the best since MW2. I'm so glad they finally understood that if you are going to make it a primary weapon, they have to at LEAST be as powerful as the secondary weapon shotguns of MW2. BO's and even MW3 both failed badly in this aspect. Ghost Recon Future Solider has by far the best accurate representation of a shotgun in a shooter so far. It was to the point where people coming over from CoD and similar games were being dumbfounded at why it had such incredible range. But yes for a CoD game they did them pretty good justice.