this game is terrible. like really terrible!

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small maps destroyed this game.
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Yeah, this one should've been called COD: CQC (Call of Duty: Close Quarter Combat)...

I am hopeful that DLC will make up for it, but still no excuse for half-ass quality

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The sp campaign is also laughable in so many ways.

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4 Large Maps, 4 Medium maps, and 4 ish small maps.  Seems pretty spread out to me.  If you want just a flat map with nothing on it that be boring.

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Haha. I hated bo for the terrible maps, nondetection, and bad programming.

But, the bots were fun and the uber glitchy zombies too.

That is the reason that I bought BO2, I already know that there will be no hit detection, terrible programming, and glitches galore, but it will be fun even if round 1 zombies sometimes take 4 stabs to kill...

I feel treyargh did the best they could with the lack of programming skills that they have. This seems less bad than bo so far. WaW wins for the best maps and zombies, out of treyarghs games.