There is no winning

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Funny how every year a new COD game comes out and all you hear from most people is complaining on how awful the game is and how the past ones are so much better. All you hear is Oh this game is such trash and the maps suck and this and that. But is it just me or do you keep buying the game? You complain every year but all you do is wine and cry about it. Another thing is how people will jump all over you if you talk about a game being realistic or not, but one of the biggest complaints is how the weapon sounds when you shoot and how it sound so unrealistic they sound. 

There is no winning for COD, you are going to piss and mone about every game they put out. There is only so much you can do to make the same game over and over again and have it be different. Ask your self, are you having fun when you play? If not stop buying the games. When the sales of  every game breaks the last record they will just keep making the games. You need to get the sales down for them to take notice. I have enjoyed this COD and just felt the need to vent about this topic. please share what you're thinking is.

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the money they make from cod games soothes their aching hearts.

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No kidding they are making a killing with these games and for as much as people complain they still buy them.