SMG's Dominate...

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Unfourtunatly, due to the recent small map design since Blops 1, SMG's are the noobs choice and it is hard to combat. I do alright, but i have been playing since COD 1 and I was a bolt action or sniper player. now it is very difficult to compete against these ADHD SMG reflex reliant crazies. COD is still fun but it has changed to much to cater to kids.
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Totally agree. It's not just SMGs, it's just the people who just randomly sprint around and that's all they do. I have been seeing a lot of it recently. If I have to worry about people constantly coming from both sides that really have no tactics or strategy at all the game isn't nearly as fun for me. I honestly think this game would be mpre fun for me if there were no fully automatic weapons.

That probably sounds silly. I mostly have fun with this game, but I usually just leave matches where 4 or more people on the other team are using smgs. I could counter it by straight up camping, but that's no fun either.

Honestly though, I think decreasing movement speed for light weapons would be the best fix.

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Dman, That is a pretty good idea for using light weapons. I have just one class where I use a SMG and I dont use it often. I preferrer my Rifle.
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They just need bigger maps, SMG's are best at close range and since were always at close range with these small maps its hard to compete. Hopefully Treyarch changes this or reloads COD completely its getting really redundant.