Second bus theory

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does anyone have any theory's about how to find the second bus on tanzit now i know that no one in the world has found it yet but treyarch has confirmed that there is one so im wondering if there's some theory's out there that might help in finding it now here's my theory ok so first you have you navcard in tranzit for the 1st bus and with the new release of the DLC Revolution with die rise you can upgrade you navcard now i think that you might need a upgraded navcard to access the new bus. also i know there is some stuff about the buss we havent found yet because iv been in the files of text in the black ops 2 zombies and i found a file stateing "pay *** to start the buss and i know you dont have to start the first bus and there's also the question of were the bus will go and for that i have no clue if you have any idea's i would love to hear them thanks