Ranking all of the zombie maps (World at War- Black Ops 2-through buried)

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Now that the last DLC came out for Black Ops 2 I decided it was time to do an ultimate ranking of all the zombie maps from worst to best. I hope that you all respect my opinions but feel free to disagree when you have a different opinion, I do realize that not everyone has the same views. And if you would like to share your opinion feel free to comment below. I would also like to thank Wikia with there page on zombies, it was very helpful for some info that I didn't remember #16: "Dead Ops Arcade" There was a reason why I never played this game #15: "Green Run" This map would have been much better had you not had to take the bus everywhere, and not only that the bus went extremely slow. The easter egg was also equally as slow and getting those damn EMP grenades. This was the biggest map to date and it also introduced the jet gun which was cool but broke too easily---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #14: "Nacht Der Untoten" Now its not that this map is bad, I have probably spent the most time playing this map but comparing this map to the newer maps it doesn't match up very well. It obviously was the simplest having only three rooms and the mystery box leaving this map near the bottom of my list #13. "Five" I never found this map interesting. A lot of people didn't like this map like me but there were some people who loved this map. I thought it was to small and the scientist would always get on my nerve. I guess the only good thing about this map was the characters except for the loser Robert McNamara #12: "Shangri-La" I will once again say that this is purely my opinion. I thought that this map was too tight and no places out in the open. The easter egg would also take more than an hour and was really complex. This game isn't my least favorite map because it is creative because of the Spikemore, the water slide, geyser, and Mine Cart #11: "Call Of The Dead" This was a good map except for a few things that really took away from the gameplay. First this map was too foggy as well as friggin George Romero chasing you around the map until you die. The beginning of this map should always have windows but this one only had one window and the zombies came out of the ground #10: "Verruckt" When I was younger this was the map that would scare the crap out of me. This map takes place in an insane asylum which adds onto the creepiness. I however did enjoy the size, it wasn't too big but not too small. This map was in mind one of the hardest maps because there isn't a place to train or a good place to camp. This map also was the first to have a power switch and those heaviness traps that would give you a thirty second break from those damn zombies #9: "Die Rise" I haven't really played this map much and I don't know why. From what I heard this is a love hate map, from what I heard it was great for trains which I was never good at and never liked doing. This map has been praised for its creativity by creating the Trample Steam but this map is known for having to wait for the elevators like the map before it "Green Run". This map also is notorious for being really hard to find perks as well as the mystery box #8: "Shi No Numa" I liked Shi No Numa because it was easy to get to high rounds as well as easy to understand the map. Most of the newer maps are huge and are very hard to understand but this map has a headquarters in the center and four swamps that branch off. This map was also great for training due to its wide open swamp area's as well as introduction to the WunderWaffe. People may say this map is too easy but this map is well rounded #7: "Ascension" This map was the first to introduce the monkeys that would try and destroy your perk boxes as well as two new perks such as PhD Flopper and Stamina Up. Ascension is very similar to Shi No Numa because of its ability to get to high rounds and run around training. I never played this game a lot so people tend to like this map better than I do #6: "Moon" This map introduced no gravity as well as one of my favorite wonder guns called the 'wave gun'. This gun could be used a dual wield weapon or a very powerful gun when combined. This map also featured Area 51 and the suspicious Astronaut Zombies. Moon was also one of the most important easter eggs that lead to Richtofen gaining control of the zombies by switching bodies with Samantha #5: "Nuketown Zombies" Since you know I like smaller maps Nuketown fits in the smaller maps categories by being one of the smallest maps. This map also included the randomly spawning perk machines as well as creating trains in the backyards. This map was sort of like a newer "Nacht Der Untoten" because of how simply it was with its size and very few easter eggs #4: "Alcatraz" This map in my mind was very interesting because it didn't have a very complicated objective like most Black Ops 2 Zombies maps. I also enjoyed playing as Weasel with his laid backed lines such as the few times he talks to you. Alcatraz also introduced after life which teleported zombies as well as finding parts throughout the complex. This map also included Hell's Retriever which was a boomerang throwing knife which would mow down trains when in need of ammo. This map was a perfect combination of size, objection, and fun------------------------------- #3: "Kind Der Toten" This map was a perfect size and you could never get lost because it was all one big circle. This map was the perfect size for training and making it to high levels. Kino also included Cold War guns and gas zombies that would impair your vision when killing them. Even though I never liked training this was the only map that I would be willing to train #2: "Buried" This map is fairly new to me and I am not sure how long I will be hooked to this map but for know I will stay in love with this map. This map featured the women in the haunted house who not only scared the hell out of me but also took nearly all of my money. The coolest part about this map was the huge giant Leroy. This giant would help open doors, go ham and kill zombies and build machines for you. I also loved the new machines, the Head Chopper and the Sonic Resonator. Both of those two knew machines were perfect for camping and mowing down zombies #1: "Der Riese" Yes of course this map was number one, this map is widely known as being the favorite for the most entertaining map. This map set zombies for a promising future. It created the monkey bomb, teleporters, carpenter, and the pack a punch. This map was perfect for all styles of surviving zombie hoards. You could train in the Thompson room, train on the catwalk, or just run around with no plan except for surviving. There was also a easter egg where you get to play hide and go seek with Samantha. Without this map zombies would never be the same