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For the love of god, whom I don't believe in, grenades should be banned from use in nuketown!!!! It's ridiculous that you can't take two steps without getting blown to hell!!!

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Nuketown is a horrible map. It has always been a horrible map. It's good for 4 people FFA. Anymore than that, it's pretty much as if CoD4 allowed Shipment in the TDM rotation.

Stupid map for an ADHD generation.

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I wonder if the new Nuketown has spawn trapping and other strategies that make it more than just run & gun or when certain clans start spamming M60's throught the walls from one backyard to the other.

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They would probably be better off eliminating all or 95% of killstreaks
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You guys's don't really try to play this map tactical.....other than maybe just....

*Tactical Facepalm*


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Flak Jacket