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Last COD I'll buy until they revamp the entire game. This is getting redundant. To bad because I have supported COD since the first game on PC. I hope others will do the same, so the developers will wake up.

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I liked Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 but after those it seemed like it wanted to cater to everyone from 5 years old and up so they make the maps tiny and encourage just blasting your way around tiny maps with a bunch of junk thrown in. I loved the maps from MW but hate these new ones. Way too small and clusterf****d.

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I would like to see that.

I skipped MW2, MW3, BlOps 2 and probably will untill they give the PC comunity that little that we need:

- ranked dedicated servers owned by third paries and not only by Treyarch.

That's basically it. To be able to play with people I want on the server I chose in a server browser, without any crappy matchamking, matchmaking hybrid with servers.

But untill CoD games break sale records every year nothing will change.



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I'm impressed with this game. The maps are bigger and less cage-style, though they still need to worry less about making every room accessible from any angle and make it more realistic. They need to have more open field maps too. It's becoming less strategic and more run and gun. Everything is too perfectly balanced, as odd as that sounds.

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Modern Warfare 2 was the best in my opinion, and now they are all just carbon copies with a different paintjob. Black Ops II is the first one in a while that has actually tried to change I think. I don't like all of their changes, but at least they tried.

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I liked MW and WaW, especially the second. Gameplay was fun and simple, maps were great. MW2 left me with a bad taste and I haven't bought into blops, blops 2 or mw3. Like someone said once they decided to cater to everyone it ruined the entire experience for me.