Just got my copy..playing now

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Just got my copy from a mom-n-pop dealer.  I got the original copy and NOT the Hardened and STILL have the Nuketown 2025 code.  THE CODE COMES in the regular copy ! 


All this crap about you must have Hardened to get Nuketown2025 is crap.  As long as u have a sealed copy of the regular game, you get the code as well.


What an unbelievably pathetic marketing campaign there, Treyarch !  Lure them in to get Hardeneed...when u already get the nuketown code in the regular game....wow


Just completed the first chapter, real awesome campaign so far.  The guns and hit detection are amazing and better than ever.  Haven't tried zombies yet.


Can we go online yet....or will we get in trouble ?  (haven't tried yet)

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Fail. There are 2 Nuketowns.. the MP and the Zombie version.
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I hate you..................lucky dog! ;)

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diminisher is right... the MP nuketown 2025 is unlocked in the regular version....no hardened needed.


The zombie one is needed though.... I guess either an Elite Pass or Hardened can get ya that one as well. 

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how do you play the levels in two player mode similar to campaign?