is there really no ak47?

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i bought this game because i thought i would be killing ppl with an ak47... but now im thinking about trading it in because im not interested in using guns i never heard of or being another submachine gun whore. whats a COD game w/out the AK?

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so because the AK47 is not in the game you will return the game and because you have not heard of most guns that are in the game is your fault, not the games fault
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Maybe you should do some research if your gonna be buying a game just for one gun, that was your fault bro.
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yea i guess i should've researched the game a bit more.. the truth is i don't care about all the little details or the story, i just wanted to kill ppl online & i thought it would be safe to assume there would be an AK since there's been 1 in every COD game. i didn't think they would go that far.