is best buy still offering nuketown 2025

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does anyone know if u pre-order the game at best buy if there still offering nuketown 2025 i would probably get it there cause i have a gift card at best buy to use yet on it

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yup thats the only pre-order bonus they are offering currently

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I'm pretty sure most retailers are offering the same pre-order bonus. GS is currently offering it, as is Best Buy. And I think you can still get it if you buy the game within the first few days/weeks of release. And if you still miss out on it, I'm sure it'll go up as DLC sooner or later.
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anyone ordering off the microsoft website ? curious if that has the nuketown 2025 map included if its pre ordered 

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This actually isn't really a bonus specific to pre-orders.  The Nuketown 2025 map will be on ALL launch copies of the game (most likely the first few shipments).  But oviously if you pre-order the game it will be guarenteed.  


So if you buy the game a week later and it is one of the first shipments you will still get Nuketown 2025.  If you wait a month+ you probably wont be able to find a copy of the game with the map included.


They also said they have no intention to release the map for people who did not get some of the first copies.