I do enjoy the game, but...

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The people playing this game are absolutely ruining it.  Almost every other player I come across is either camping or quickscoping, what is the point of playing like that?

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Same here. If i get killed by another bouncing betty type thingy im gonna scream. And what the hell are them spiky looking electric emitting grenades people put in the entrance way into rooms so they know when your creeping up on them. Window camping scrubs. Ive only put about 4-5 hours into the game and am around lvl 34-ish (just unlocked the assault shield, YAY) so its still early days yet. They have removed a lot of the nooks and crannies, dark corners etc from MW3 but people will stand find a way to camp, to get in a room and shoot out of a bloody window the whole game or be sat behind a neck high barrel shooting bullets out of their forehead. Ohhhh they must protect their precious k/d ratio.. Its bloody sad! The game is great but man is their a lot of campers. But as i said its early days, people are still cautious and fuguring out new classes/loadouts etc. Hopefully people will start moving around a lot more over the coming weeks.
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this game has wayyy too many hiding spots and windows. Honestly Black Ops 1 had awesome maps in my opinion. They really ruined this game. No matter what i did today I was in a match with campers in general. This multiplayer is definitely the worst IMO...I did a lot better in MW3 than this turd

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-everyone on this forum


Seriously, there are sooo  many ways to counter camping.  LRN2PLAY

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-everyone on this forum

Seriously, there are sooo many ways to counter camping. LRN2PLAY


So...............I wasn't the only one thinking that. :D I'm not fond of getting whacked anymore than anyone else, but it is fairly whiny to publicly complain the other players won't play the way you want them to so you can shoot them more often. :lol: Or ******** about players using the tools the game provides them with??? What's up with that? Play YOUR game, work at getting better at it, think a bit and come up with a different play style or strategy to counter other play styles.

I invented n00btubing! ;)

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People can play however they want, don't complain because you can't kill them...there are tons of people playing, not all of them do this.