How many bullets?

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Hi, I play offline split screen versus bots and I play zombies. I am sure that I'll play online eventually.

i notice that offline, while watching kills and final killcams, that the m27 ar takes 8 bullets to kill each time.

is this the patented Treyargh nondetection, or is it 8 shots to kill now. I noticed it was way more than bo or mw3, but is it 8 always?

no, health wasn't raised or lowered In the options...

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So it is just more like halo?

I am not mad or ranting, just making sure that it is supposed to be that many. I know that this is Treyargh, so I was just wondering if it was the same issues as bo and WAW. While you can often fire entire mags through bots in bo, it usually took 4-5 bullets to kill. This is consistantly 8 bullets and after checking all settings, i realize that it does take 8 assault rifle bullets to kill.

How does it affect online mp, better, worse?

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I remember one time at band camp it took 2 shots to the head and 3 shots to the body, with a submachine at point blank range

no lie it was on final killcam with me behind the guy