High scorestreaks are almost useless when you don't host

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I don't usually use high scorestreaks, but I was curious as to how they were, so I use the VSAT-EMP-VTOL setup today, and I got the full set within two attempts. However as soon as I called in my VTOL, the host dashboarded, which is why I'm a bit annoyed right now.

I can kind of understand that people want to have fun, but they could shoot the VTOL down.

I'm thinking of using a a VSAT-EMP-Warthog instead.

Does anyone else have this problem? What scorestreak setups do you use?

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Hosts dash on our matches all the time, but not usually because of my good scorestreaks. Only due to them losing badly or getting killed back-to-back. I use the Care Package->Lighting Strike->Sentry gun On Free-For-All, I use the Hunter Killer->Care Package->Sentry Gun