Haters are gonna hate

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So I did my 1st prestige and was getting my @$$ handed to me. This was driving me crazy bc I was always in the top 3 almost every game before I did this. So I hit 55 and start over and I couldn't go positive to save my live with kills, until I hit level 22. At this point I got the FAL and even though this is a single shot rifle I will own anyone with a full auto. I don't know why but I can shoot faster with this. Plus there is no kick to this rifle. So I get it and after being on the bottom of the list match after match I go 27/9. Next thing I know I get accused of hacking and now hearing people saying that I have a 'MOD' controller. Why is it that when someone is just good with a weapon and dominates they have to be cheating. I'm just good and have learned to use this weapon and know what to add to it to own my opponents. Sorry just had to vent. If anyone wants to hook up and play PS3 screen name is Demonfox75.

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I always get messages of noobs who think i have a modded controller because i use select fire . But those noobs didn't knew there was a function like that in game.

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yea I got a message, from this kid saying I was hacking and I told him I wasnt, so he says "well How did you see me in the smoke?" I couldnt believe it. I wrote back and told him I was using target finder. Just wow sometimes
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I have been accused of wall hacking because I jumped out of a window on Standoff and turned around and killed a guy.The people who get mad about people being better than them and have to send a message that you are cheating really need to get a life.