Got the game... Severs?

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Severs are not up yet, which i would have guessed. So im gonna start the story mode.

Anyone know when they should be up?

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thought it wasn't coming out till next week?? 

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We can assume they're gonna be up around the 13th.

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I know someone that always gets games the wensday or thursday before the week of the release.

I don't ask questions lol.

I have been playing solo zombies since the servers are still not up.

Pretty fun.

Add me for future zombie games. PSN ITALIANMOB

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I have been playing this game as well, and truth be told, this game is pretty lame....The story is fun to play, but nothing else is fun.I played with some friends local and put the bots on veteran so its almost like playing onine but not quite but for the most part this game is not fun at all....stick with MW3
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MW3 is rubbish, is a pile of crap, this game might be bad but its way better than crap 3, COD4 and Mw2 will always be the best.