Does anyone actually like the maps?

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I only like a couple. They seem to follow the MW3 style and be just a cluster**** for random kills. Toooo many corners, too small, random stuff "Conveniently" in the way, the small small maps have god awful spawns . That goes both ways, I shouldn't spawn and be able to kill someone in 1 second, and I shouldn't spawn and get shot in 1 second. Overall I felt that they would of actually listened to the community with the problems people had with MW3. I know it's a different developer but it seems that this is more like MW3 than it is Black Ops 1
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Small maps always have bad spawns its just in the design. If they listened to the community? 3arc is the only one that does.
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Yeah these maps are a joke, the only one that I like is the Nuketown 2025 map.
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i like these maps last years maps were horrible in ways but i do like these ones

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MW2 and WAW had the best maps I think. they were simple and fun. Most of the iconic maps of all time in all FPS are the seemingly simple ones.
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Maps are much better than MW3's but still not great. I'd love to see some of the bigger more open maps that seem to have died with WaW. 

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I like them to an extent. Although some just feel far too similar to older ones, whilst some are basically the same layout with slight differences in certain areas. The one with the cooling tower is a near enough replica of the one from BO with the missile launch.


There just doesn't seem to be many that seem 'inspired'. Although the one set in the futuristic villa is well done imo.

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I'm getting the MW3 vibe as well. Still hoping I can warm up to the game because I really liked the original Black Ops. The maps are the biggest issues with me again, they feel so 'epileptic' just a random smattering of stuff where "good" simply means fast connection combined with ADHD-style fast-twitch reaction times.

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At 1st it was great to hear that there are 14 maps out of the box (not counting the Zombie maps)

But I really feel like most of these maps feel like low budget game mapping... Like a poor COD imitation

I also feel like most of these maps are too small... claustrophobic, really :P

I am hopeful that DLC will make up for it, but still no excuse for half-ass quality

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I hated at first but now im going 28-6 all the time so im starting to like them.

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I like Hijacked, probably my fave map of the game atm, reminds me of Drive-Thru from BLOPS 1 with two raised sniping areas and an open centre

I hate Turbine for some reason, too bright and way too many levels, too much sniping

I like the fallout map (dripping cooling tower) and lots of routes to dash through

Hate the map set in the city with the massive rift in the middle, that map feels huge and when i'm running with the flag it feels like a mission to travel from one side to the other. Plus theres too many sniping spots.

I like the villa map, good close quarter areas and sniping spots are easy to flank

Theres a map set in some sort of night club, reminds me of Hanoi, all the areas look the same and I get lost easily

The train station I havent played much so cant judge

Carrier is a good map, but people seem to be glitching themselves on the flaps and being able to snipe whilst not being visible ruins it a little

Most of my gripes with the maps are that they feel built for snipers. And with sniping made SO easy in the game (no sway, no recoil, rapid fire) its a pain when people lock down the map. I am a flag runner, light weapon, sprinty perks and run & gun tactics, too many maps with open visible areas without cover make capture the flag a tough game mode



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MW2 and WAW had the best maps I think. they were simple and fun. Most of the iconic maps of all time in all FPS are the seemingly simple ones.Con_Air_On_VHS


yeah, bo had the worst maps, mw3 maps were slightly better, these are on par with mw3, bad.

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[QUOTE="Con_Air_On_VHS"]MW2 and WAW had the best maps I think. they were simple and fun. Most of the iconic maps of all time in all FPS are the seemingly simple ones.Askansir


yeah, bo had the worst maps, mw3 maps were slightly better, these are on par with mw3, bad.

I really liked the original Black Ops maps.  I did not find a single problem with them except for Crisis, it was just too big.  My issue overall is just a connection problem.  I have had some huge lag issues, way more than the previous CODs.  No big deal though just try to play through it!

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Well I like the black ops maps.  But it took me a while 2 play black ops cuz i didnt like them at first.  Then I started watching videos and saw some insane kills w/ ballistic knifes and tomahawks so i got into it.

Never really liked mw3.  Most of the maps were horrible and there was no ballistic knifes.

But yeah at least these maps are better than the crappy mw3 maps.

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They are better than MW3s but I really do think MW1 and MW2 had the best maps. I was never dissapointedwith the maps in MW1 with the exception of Shipment. Crossfire is still my favourite map from all CODs.
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decided to download and try the double xp nuke town 2025. after being spawn killed 7 times in a row I decided that this game just caters to the type of gamers I can't stand anymore. RIP COD 2003-2009
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The maps are really bland....Treyarch doesn't make that great of maps. The only map I really like is Nuketown 2025.

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too easy to die in those stinking maps

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I think the maps  are awesome, personally.

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A few maps that I like but most of them are disappointing. The maps are full of head glitching spots. Every alleyway there are boxes for someone to choke point camp. It seems like every cover you can head glitch. Too many buildings with windows which encourage camping. All in all with bad spawns, connection problems, lag, freezing when you're in the menu, its a horrible experience.
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Standoff reminds me of the old COD maps. Only like Hijacked, Slums and Nuketown

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I like every map but Aftermath. I dunno. That one just doesn't jive with me. Did someone say these maps were built for snipers and that sniping is easy? Ha. If by sniping you mean laser ARs and SMGs then sure. These maps are actually well designed and you can tell they actually put thought into them.
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I don't really. I didn't like MW2 all that much, but I find myself missing those maps, which is kinda sad. The BO2 maps aren't all bad, but a portion just feel like filler and that they didn't have much thought put into them. Too many camping spots, too many  windows, too small for 12 player games (and hell, some feel too small for FFA games)  and they overall lack flow.

They'd make great real life military training courses, but they're just not all that great for a competitive arcade shooter. CoD4 (non-DLC) maps and BO maps were better.

Hopefully they'll grow on me, but I don't recall having to wait for CoD4's or BO's maps having to grow on me (with a few exceptions... Nuketown NEVER grew on me unless I was doing FFA splitscreen)

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I think the main issues with the maps is that they restrict many play styles. It seems the only way I do good is when i am bustin sprints from one side to the other with a SMG. Sniping is almost impossible unless I quickscope and the assault rifles feel useless. I think they need to go back to bigger maps like in MW, MW2, and WAW and also add some more open areas and cut out some off the tight corridors. It seems the maps get worse as COD gets older but hopefully they will get it all figured out by the time MW 4 comes out or whatever infinity ward decides to do with the franchise.
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Well they are all about the same to me. My k/d is around 0.31, been that way for years and years...

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I love them. Think they are all pretty good. Normally there are at least 2 I hate but they all seem good to me.
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Turbine reminds me of Wild Canyon from SA2. <3

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I don't mind them but there are a couple I hate. They are mainly too small and any that are a bit larger seem to be locked down by snipers (Carrier springs to mind). I hate how quick snipers can fire too!

My favourite is Hijacked - Nice open part in the middle but enclosed enough that you can choose to equip for close quarters. Snipers can't hole themselves up with Bettys either because the action is too fast paced.

I hate the turbine map... the multiple levels are too awkward and always full of snipers. On that map I usually have 2 minutes of doing well then I just fail.

My most hated map though is Express. It has that awful curved shape. I can never work out the spawn rotation either so I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I think Meltdown is the most balanced. Good for everyone.

I've never had a bad game on Standoff either so thumbs up for that.

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I prefer MW3 maps because I knew them haha
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like them, tight corners, small areas, great for smg's.
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I hated all of the maps for a while, but Hijacked has grown on me.  I am starting to have some good experiences with most of the others.  I run a lot with just the balistic knife or a pistol. With the small maps and terrible spawns, big guns seem pointless.

However, I think Carrier is the worst map of any CoD game. It is far too unbalanced in one direction. I see more rage quits on that map than any other. Turbine sucks too. Everytime you get into a fire fight, you get sniped from somewhere else.

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I agree with the OP. A lot of maps are way too intricate like MW3s. WaW and MW2 I also agree had the best layout design. The way MW2 designed their maps was mostly a figure 8 OR a cancel sign type. You can cut through the middle, or do a full circle around the maps with well placed buildings/hills or whatever. They flowed extremely well and made use of layers/levels just as well. Although their DLC maps strayed from this a bit and felt more like what we see in MW3, but were at least still simple in nature. In Black Ops 1 I felt they had WAY too much wasted space on some of their maps, otherwise they were pretty good. Dont get me wrong, the other half in this game are good maps too. They definitely improved a lot with this game. I Just also feel like some areas are set up for camping corners which isnt something you should TRY to get people to do.
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The maps are cool. Still getting used to the game! Word Up!!
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I hate most of these maps. Nothing like getting killed 5 seconds after you get respawned in front of 3 enemies already running toward you. The game needs bigger more open maps, these are just a bunch of recreations of nuketown bc theyre small and try to get more action going. There is maybe one map that lets snipers use sniper rifles for actual sniping and not just quick scoping (turbine). 

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no the maps are horrible. the one might as well be a garbage park

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I really only like carrier, nuketown, and raid.