Die Rise Zombies Shotgun Competition With MEGA PRIZE !!!!!

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The Winner Will Receive a Elgato HD Game Capture Card The Competition is to Get to the highest level on die rise using only shotguns On Single Player, Normal Difficulty Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Es1BtYHyRo You can use only the items Listed below Olympia/ Hades Executioner / Voice of Justice S12/ Synthetic Dozen Remington 870 MCS / REFITTED-870 Mechanical cranium sequencer M216 /Mesmerizer All the perk Machines Trample Steam Monkeys Grenades Normal Knife You cannot use any weapon that does not use a shotgun shell including m1911 (handgun you start with) If you go down, you are not allowed to use the Mustang Sally No Galva Knuckles No Bowie Knife No Glitching No Semtex No Claymore No Sliquifier THERE HAS TO BE 50 UNIQUE ENTRYS FOR THIS COMPETITION TO BE VALID Send a part of your video to the email address elitesnipersrf@gmail.com we prefer the last few rounds. In the subject line we need your Gamer ID and the level you got to. Do not post your level in the comment section. Any post of results on either the comments section or a forum will be removed and your entry will be invalid. Once the competition is complete the winner MUST show us the whole video file to verify following of the rules, so save it eg theatre mode for xbox/ps3 PC capture screen software..... Closing Date 23rd April So tell your friends the more entries the more fun