did raul menendez sexually assault young david mason

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Seems there is more to the story then they let on as David seems to have placed a mental block over the events that took place in panama also Menedez says something like "now suffer with me" and then the camera pans out 

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Oh my god, no.

He says that because he has Hudson strapped to a chair with his knees blown off and his throat slit, his dad dead (or seemingly) and Woods lying on the floor. for a 7 year old being taken captive for hours and subjected to mental abuse, it's obvious why there's a mental block.

To suggest anything sexual is, wow... Bogus.

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Yep, what TQ said. He wants them to feel the same pain as he did losing his sister. Thats how he wants him to suffer.
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GTFO of here with your gay agenda.